Luminous Portrait commissions welcome.  The maximum size is 18×24″.



This is a close up of a much larger painting.  Oil Pastel and Ink on watercolor clay board.

This is a close up of a painting in progress, also oil pastel and ink on canvas board.


My niece.   🙂  This was designed as a greeting card. The flash caught the gold pigment though so this photo glares a  bit.  I included the sheet music for John Lennon’s “Imagine” in the background.



This gentleman enjoyed fishing and played the electric bass.



This is another Christmas card I designed for my parents.  Once again it is my niece.

The profile portrait is combined with this lion.  SOLD

Oil portrait on hand primed canvas board. Dramatic lighting.  Title:  Rock

Soft Pastel

Below are examples of my soft pastel artwork.  I currently don’t have any soft pastels on hand.

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