Andria Alex -Artist

Laurie Alt – 860-537-1664

 A New Page Bookstore

Lesley Braren  Artist

Ursula Coccomo

The Cooking Company

East Haddam Art Association

East Haddam Stage Company

Linda Elgart – Fine Art & Roosters

George Fellner

Bud Gaudio – 860-698-4514

John Gilchrist

Gioni Originals Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

Terrie Hervin

Hole in the Wall Theater

Thomas McLean -Artist

Keith Murphey – Comic Book Artist

The Naughty Shaman

Old Bank Flowers and Greenery

Old Dog New Tricks

Timeless Fine Art by Bonnie LeMay

VisionPoint, LLC

Whimsical Consignments

Amy White – Oil Paintings
Special thanks to Gina Barrie!



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