As a child I was always drawing and putting together handmade books. Then, one year, my parents gave me an easel for Christmas and painting became something I did simply to relax.

I am primarily self taught, however I have had classes here and there. Many of my friends are visual artists. I am intrigued by myths and literary characters, as well as nature and the world around me.  In 2000, I set up a studio in the attic of my home and Saltwater Moon Studio was born. From there, I illustrated two children’s books.  I then moved to Portland and collaborated with Debbie Guzzi on two books of poetry. Since then, I have been published in several magazines.

I believe that everything has a spirit and to acknowledge it. Sometimes, you catch a The Native American themed paintings were inspired by my mother, nautical images by my father, others were inspired by friends or literature. I believe in good friends, laughter, paint and healthy living.

Be good to one another.





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