Being an artist isn’t something I ever aspired to do. As a child I was always drawing and putting together handmade books.  We used to visit my great aunt every Friday night.  The grownups played cards while my sister Karen and I drew pictures.  Then, one year, my parents gave me an easel for Christmas.

My artwork and styles have changed over the years.   I am primarily self taught and many of my paintings have a story behind them.   My works are incorporate and private collections.  I have studied music and drama as well.  I have illustrated two children’s books, collaborated with Debbie Guzzi on two books of poetry and have been published in several magazines.

I believe that everything has a spirit and to acknowledge it. Sometimes, you catch a glimpse of it. Sometimes, it glimpses you.  I love the ocean, being in nature and that good friends and laughter are important as air.

Be good to one another.











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