MI spent my summers at my grandparent’s cottage.  We’d sing, swim and feed the ducks.  Every Friday evening, our family got together at my godmother’s house where she kept an old Steiger’s dress box filled with paper and crayons.   My sister Karen and I would draw for hours while the grown ups played cards.

I had dropped out of art to study music while in school and inadvertently became involved in drama there.  Several years later I fell in love with black and white films and went back to painting.  At some point, I decided that I wanted to paint people and studied soap opera acting.  I sold my first painting in 1999 and since then my artwork has been in both corporate and private collections.  I have also illustrated two children’s books, my images have been in two books of poetry and graced several magazines.  Over the years commissions have included portraits, pets, homes and lighthouses.

Please send an email to beachrosegypsy@gmail.com or call 860-759-2003 for more details.


















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